About deFENIKS

open house for artists of different horizons
deFENIKS is a haven for the development, research, experiment, creation and presentation of adventurous music theater, located close by the bustling Antwerp art scene. Here artistic dialogue and cross-fertilization are stimulated and new collaborations are getting explored; here limits are pushed; here artistic projects get the chance to mature and artistic talent can flourish.
deFENIKS is in the first place the home base and workplace of the WALPURGIS musical-theatre company. Where the seeds are sown for new artistic joint ventures, boundaries are sought out, explored and shifted, the initial plans for new projects drawn up, artistic projects are given the chance to mature and artistic talent is able to blossom, WALPURGIS presents its own work at various stages of development in open rehearsals, try-outs or as part of the annual FENIKS FESTIVAL.

deFENIKS is a haven for independent musical-theatre makers from Belgium and abroad.
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deFENIKS is an official member of RES ARTIS, Worldwide Network of artist residencies.

deFENIKS has several multifunctional rooms including a theatre with outstanding acoustics, a grand piano, light and sound installations and seating for 120 people that is regularly rented out to others in the performing arts. We also have several other rooms, large and small, that can be rented out for varying periods.

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