15 January 2017

The WALPURGIS music-theatre company is looking for singers, musicians, composers, actors and other artists who are driven by a great curiosity regarding the other, and who are generous, constantly on the move and not afraid of contradictions.

We invite you to participate in the 2017 FENIKS FESTIVAL and experiment on the theme of transition in the music-theatre genre in all its forms and guises. We offer you a residence of 2 to 3 weeks between May and September 2017. Your work will be presented to the public during the FENIKS FESTIVAL.
From 21 to 24 September 2017, WALPURGIS will host the 14th FENIKS FESTIVAL, an international platform for adventurous music theatre, in deFENIKS.

deFENIKS is a haven for research and experiment in and the development, creation and presentation of bold and adventurous multidisciplinary music theatre. It is located a mere stone’s throw from the bustling Antwerp art scene. Here artistic dialogue and cross-fertilization are stimulated and new partnerships explored; boundaries are expanded and new standards set; artistic projects get the chance to develop and artistic talents to flourish.

deFENIKS is a member of Res Artis and has, among other things, 5 multipurpose rooms, a refreshment room, kitchen and showers and a theatre with excellent acoustics, a grand piano, sound and lighting installations and seating accommodation (120 seats).

Technical specifications
of our theatre spaces.
Address: Deurneleitje 6, 2640 Mortsel, Belgium

In consultation and subject to availability, a residence in deFENIKS MAY include:
- workspace in deFENIKS
- a presentation of max. 45 min during the FENIKS FESTIVAL
- technical and logistical support
- accommodation
- professional support and advice (artistic, business, production, communication)
- assistance with local networking

A maximum of 3 projects will be selected, for which a total production budget of 3.000 euros is provided. Travel and transport costs are not covered. We therefore recommend you explore the possibilities getting a travel grant from your local government.

Only those projects that fit in with the theme of transition, have not yet premiered, contain enough musical and theatrical elements, and for which a full application is submitted, will be selected.

An application must be submitted digitally and include the official, completed APPLICATION FORM + visual, textual and/or sound clips that elucidate your work. Send your application to Ilse Muysers: ilse@walpurgis.be If you wish, you can also send your application by post to WALPURGIS vzw., Attn. Ilse Muysers, Deurneleitje 6, B-2640 Mortsel, Belgium.

Candidates are selected on the basis of their qualities and skills, regardless of gender, origin, religion or disability. If you have any general questions about the process or the project, please send an email to ilse@walpurgis.be

Artists who were previously in residence in deFENIKS:
2016: Karel Tuytschaever (BE), Florentin Ginot (FR), Frédéric Stochl (FR) Michelle Agnès Magalhaes (BR), Alissa Maestracci (IT), Elena Peeters (BE), Guy Vandromme (BE) and Adriaan Severins (BE)
2015: Kevin Skelton (CA), Barbara Drazkowska (PL), Szymon Brzoska (PL), Tsubasa Hori (JP), Alice Casarosa (IT), Irene Rametta (IT), Stan Nieuwenhuis (BE), Aline Goffin (BE), Olympe Tits (FR), Tjyying Liu (NL), Jeroen Malaise (BE), Lotte Stek (NL), Letizia Renzini (IT), Mikel van Gelderen (NL), Carmien Michels (BE), Max Greyson (BE), Jolien Deley (BE), Wide Vercnocke (BE) and Tim Coenen (BE)
2014: Linde Carrijn (BE), Marieke Berendsen (NL), Sielke De Mulder (BE), Stephanie Müller (DE), Laura Theis (DE) and Mikio Saito (JP)
2013: Isabelle Dumont (BE)
2012: Nick Steur (NL)
2011: Ana Naqe (AL)
2010-2016: Simonne Moesen (BE)
2008: Steffie Van Cauter (BE)
2007-2010: Wilfried Van den Brande (BE) and Eurudike De Beul (BE)

Photo: beisspony, resident in 2014, © Mikio Saito

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