The bees of deFENIKS

Humans must - as the bees - show solidarity or they will stop to be.

WALPURGIS connects artistic innovation with sustainability and social engagement. We do not only promote artistic cross-pollination as such, we also promote that same cross-pollination in and for nature. Scenographer Stef Depover and artistic director Judith Vindevogel cares since the summer of 2014 for two beehives in the gardens of deFENIKS.
Here's the summary of 1 year of their bee-keeping :
Journal of beekeeping.

With the revenue of the sales of our honey WALPURGIS supports different projects of experimental music makers, and makes opera and music theatre accessible for people in poverty.
At FAVV (foodagency) WALPURGIS is registerd as number 9.004.837.367.

Listen to
Children's song Die Bienen (Max Reger) from The Nursery (Buy the cd)

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