Invest with us in sustainable energy

In september we installed 46 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of our workplace, deFENIKS. Instead of buying that solar installation ourselves, we rent it from ZuidtrAnt, a civil co-op that invests in sustainable energy. This will not only lower strongly our electricity bill, but it will also mean a reduction of our CO2-emission of more than 5 ton.

To help realising this project we are looking for 150 engaged citizens. By becoming a cooperant of ZuidtrAnt, you help to achieve a better and more sustainable world and also support WALPURGIS in their creativity and work.

From 100 € on you can be a shareholder, receive a tax certificate for your tax return-document of 2018, and so recuperate the first 45 € of your investment.

More info and how to buy a share : ZuidtrAnt cvba-so

Still not convinced, please check this film of Greenpeace :

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