Technical specifications

If you want to rent one of our spaces, please contact Kate or +32 (0)3 235 66 62



Technical specifications

- length 22m x width 12m
- height grid 4m
- fixed dance floor (dark grey)
- wooden stand (max. 99 seats)
- piano present (grand piano Yamaha C3)
- power: 2 x 63 A

- lighting console: ADB TANGO 24 channels
- dimmers: 24 x 2kW
- the space has a basic front lighting of 4 PCs
- extra 12 PCs, 4 PARs en 8 Source Four PARs are available (to be installed by the tenant and to be removed from the grid after the lease)

- the space is equiped with a Renkus-Heinz RFX121-E + RFX12S sub PA system OR a Bose L1 model1 line array + B1 sub system (depending our own productions on tour)
- mixer Behringer Xenix X1222USB
- some common microphones (SM57-58) are available on request

Extra sound equipment like a digital mixer, extra (wireless) microphones, DI boxes, etc are available on request and extra charged.

- kitchen facilities and shower available

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