a festival on and around transition
"If people find themselves living in a world in which some hopes are realized and some joys are incandescent and some boundaries between individuals and groups are lowered, even for an hour or a day or several months, that matters. Memory of joy and liberation can become a navigational tool, an identity, a gift."
Rebecca Solnit
The FENIKS FESTIVAL is a voyage of discovery lasting several days, where music and theatre merge effortlessly into one another and where established names share the stage with young talent. Through the unique combination of intimacy, generosity and happening, the FENIKS FESTIVAL creates a place for surprising encounters, unexpected discoveries and the unconventional combination of genres, repertoire, artists and public.

Poetry, opera, music, contemporary dance, theatre, philosophy, performance,... You will find it all at the FENIKS FESTIVAL, in the most surprising combinations. Would you like to find out about opera in a playful, anarchistic way? If so, WALPURGIS’ annual libretto reading is a must! And be sure to check out the ‘Made in deFENIKS’ projects if you are curious about what our artists-in-residence are up to.

The festival takes place at deFENIKS (Mortsel, Antwerp, BE), workplace of the WALPURGIS company. deFENIKS is a haven for the development, research, experiment, creation and presentation of adventurous multidisciplinary musical theatre, where artistic dialogue and cross-fertilization are stimulated and new joint ventures sounded out.

The FENIKS FESTIVAL is a project of WALPURGIS with the support of Flanders - stat of the arts, the Province in Antwerp, the city of Mortsel, Agfa Gevaert, Piano Goossens and Bloemen Romantiek.

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