artist in residence 2015
concept, text and performance
Carmien Michels en Max Greyson
Jolien Deley en Tim Coenen
sand art and poster design
Wide Vercnocke
Sofie Durnez
technical support
Seppe Janssens
ARType vzw
with the support of
The Flemish Community, Rataplan and WALPURGIS
Two slam poets, two musicians and a sand artist explore the musical oeuvre and letters of the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók.

Armed with vivid dialogues, cello, guitar, electronics and a contemporary outlook, they find their way into the secret chambers in Bluebeard’s castle.

A man and a woman meet amidst clashes and harmony.
Enough said.
Sweep the sand over it.

BARTók is an ode to everyone who finds the resilience to realise their dreams in troubled times.

Max Greyson (BE) is 27 and a poet, prose writer and performer. He won the Kif Kif Award in the Slam Poetry category and became joint champion of the Poetry Slam in the Netherlands. He is the frontman of the band Nachtman.

Carmien Michels (BE) is 25 and a writer, performer, presenter and teacher. Her debut novel We zijn water was shortlisted for the prize for the best debut novel and the Bronze Owl Award. She was awarded the public prize in the Belgian Poetry Slam Championship.

Jolien Deley (BE) is 23 and a cellist. She started taking cello lessons when she was five and studied at the Royal Conservatory in Ghent. She regularly performs as a member of deFilharmonie and the National Orchestra of Belgium.
Profile Jolien

Tim Coenen (BE) is 42 and an instrumentalist. He studied Germanic languages, and then guitar at the Jazz studio in Antwerp. He sings and plays bass, guitar, drums and electronics in various projects and groups such as Admiral Freebee, Venus in Flames and Few Bits.
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Wide Vercnocke (BE) is 29 years old and an illustrator. He graduated from Sint-Lukas with a Master’s degree in Illustration/Strip Cartoons. He is a freelance illustrator for Knack Focus, Agenda and other publications. He is the house artist for the monthly event De Sprekende Ezels, and has also created two strip cartoon books: Mijn Muze ligt in de zetel and Wildvlees.
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