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EARopener by Elwin Hofman
Intrigues and gossip are the order of the day in WALPURGIS’ reading of the libretto of Beatrice and Benedict. Gossip has always been a subject of interest. The young historian Elwin Hoffman (KULeuven) is coming to tell us more.

Beatrice en Benedict, librettoreading #10
24.09 > 27.09.2015
As is its custom, WALPURGIS disentangles and pares an opera classic down to the bare bones, treating you to an entertaining evening in which sung and spoken dialogues alternate with frequent mischievous comments.
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Made in deFENIKS/artist in residence: ātmā - To Be Determined:
A Canadian tenor who has a special affinity with Early Music and contemporary dance, a Japanese taiko (Japanese drums) and koto (Japanese zither) player who also sings, a Polish pianist who devours contemporary music and is not averse to a theatrical experiment and a Polish composer who feels quite at home in the company of singers, musicians, dancers, choreographers, actors and film-makers.
What can we expect when four super-talents decided to share the stage together and give each other room for a combined performance whose outcome cannot be predicted?
With: Kevin Skelton (CA), Barbara Drazkowska (PL), Szymon Brzoska (PL) and Tsubasa Hori (JP)

Made in deFENIKS/artist in residence: Belle Di Mai - Wandering Souls
A woman. And another woman. Or is it her shadow? Two wandering souls. They sing. In their suitcase they have the Italian writer Italo Calvino’s philosophical adventure novel The Baron in the Trees.
From and with: Alice Casarosa (IT) & Irene Rametta (IT)

NEST: Higher Selfie (textreading)
Nine young actors take inspiration from Great Art… and get angry.

Flying Me
Several impassioned youngsters with an original story take over the stage. A unique opportunity to experience their first steps from close up. At the end of the day a jury will reward one or more participants with a tailor-made master-class.

Musical theatre workshop (over-8s)
26 & 27.09.2015
You had better brace yourself, because this workshop will turn you into a true musical-theatre performer!

Made in deFENIKS/artist in residence: Kopseer: If everything is possible, nothing can go wrong (8+)
26 & 27.09.2015
Grandma has lost her way in her mind. Little Anna is trying to follow her. But you can’t keep up with grandma. Grandma dances and dances all the way out of the world.
From and with: Stan Nieuwenhuis (NL), Aline Goffin (BE) & Olympe Tits (FR)

Made in deFENIKS/artist in residence: Usine à Neige - Grasland (8+)
26 & 27.09.2015
Who says surrealism is nothing for children? Usine à Neige proves the opposite is true and invites young and old for a refreshing plunge into the humorous, sometimes dark music of the Hungarian composer Gyorgy Ligeti, which expresses a boundless urge for freedom.
From and with: Tjyying Liu (NL, Jeroen Malaise (BE), Lotte Stek (NL), Letizia Renzini (IT), Mikel van Gelderen (NL) & Peter Quasters (BE)

Made in deFENIKS/artist in residence: ARType - BARTóK
26 & 27.09.2015
Two slam poets, two musicians and a sand artist explore the musical oeuvre and letters of the Hungarian composer Béla Bartók. Armed with vivid dialogues, cello, guitar, electronics and a contemporary outlook, they find their way into the secret chambers in Bluebeard’s castle
From and with: Carmien Michels, Max Greyson, Jolien Deley, Wide Vercnocke & Tim Coenen (BE)

Invited: Joris Blanckaert en Sarah Eisa - Tips & Tricks
Sarah Eisa is a German actress with Palestinian roots who has lived in Belgium since 2003. Tips & Tricks is a highly personal quest driven alternately by melancholy and combativeness. For all those who feel at home everywhere and nowhere.

Invited: Teun Verbruggen & Vincent Glowinski - Duo à l'Encre
A duo painting-marionettes-performance and drums- objects.

Invited: Ensemble Leporello - Verkapt en onversneden
For their new piece,, Mieke Laureys and Annelore Stubbe draw their inspiration from the adventurous life of two feminists avant la lettre, Anne Bonny and Mary Read.

Invited: De Veerman - Along came Polly (docu, collaboration with De Veerman, AMUZ & Alamire Foundation)
5 young people between 16 and 24 years of age got the chance to make a video work on polyphonic music from the 16th century this summer. Together with video artist Ilke De Vries they explored the music and the time in which it was made, experienced to listen to it, then questioned what it does to people to listen to it.

Along came Polly from De Veerman on Vimeo.

Table d'amis
Closing buffet

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