BDE (bijnadoodervaring)

Jeroen Brouwers
Stray Dogs
Judith Vindevogel
François Beukelaers
drums, electronics & laptop
Frederik Meulyzer
guitar, cello & laptop
Koenraad Ecker
Karen Dick & Diederick Nuyttens
Stef Depover
Ann Weckx
light design & technical support
Rik Helsen
production assistant
Olivier Janssens
Koen Broos
thanks to
the team of C-mine Genk, Josse De Pauw, Eric Thielemans, Marianne Van Kerkhoven, Guy Van den Bril
At night, an elderly man chases his car down the last miles of his life. Followed by a crash, the sounds of breaking glass and squealing metal. While the racemonster comes to a halt, thoughts keep on smashing themselves like moths in the man’s head. With a body shredded to pieces, his crystal clear mind screens the film of his shattered life.

BDE (bijnadoodervaring) (the technical term for a near-death experience in Dutch) is a musical, cinematographic and literary trip on the hazy line between reality and remembrance. It’s a clash between rookies and old hands, an unrelenting struggle between life and death.

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Listen to the Stray Dogs audio fragment on Soundcloud

The full text of BDE was published in November 2011 by Demian. The book is available for sale via WALPURGIS.

A so-called near-death-experience, or maybe better a close-to-death experience, cannot be caught in words. It is truly an overwhelming, unimaginable and totally unexpected experience, that people can experience under certain and changing circumstances. The ruling and oh so familiar world view is completely turned upside down. Jeroen Brouwers succeeded very well in capturing this unspeakable experience in words in a comprehensible and intriguing way. An impressive and thrilling achievement.
Reaction by Pim Van Lommel, cardiologist and author of Endless consciousness, to reading the BDE- text

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