Voyeurs at BXL

Carmien Michels, Max Greyson, Wide Vercnocke, Jolien Deley and Tim Coenen
text and playing
Carmien Michels and Max Greyson
cartoons and poster
Jolien Deley and Tim Coenen
Stef Depover
coproduction and selling
VONK & Zonen
with support of
WALPURGIS, Pianofabriek, Passa Porta and the Flemish government
Brussels, 2070. The country of Brussels is celebrating its independence day. The streets are full. There is singing. New statues are revealed on old pedestals. From their pedestal, the images listen to what is being said, called and what is being said.

For its second production, the five voyeurs settle in different neighborhoods of Brussels and absorb the stories and sounds from the city.

The live drawings of illustrator Wide Vercnocke ar speaking. Jolien Deley and Tim Coenen build the city in a lush soundtrack and intimate solos of cello and guitar. The poetic duo Carmien Michels and Max Greyson let different voices speak in a unique Brussels language.

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