Drie Sterke Vrouwen (6+)

musical theater tale for the whole family
NL version
artistic direction & text
Judith Vindevogel
Judith Vindevogel/Katelijne Verbeke (since march 2020)
composition, percussion & koto
Tsubasa Hori
illustrations en vi
Sarah Yu Zeebroek
Stef Depover
costume design
Lies Van Assche
costume realisation
Ryoko Sato, Bea Crevecoeur, Manuela Lauwers & Else Bogaerts
residency at
thanks to
Paula Stulemeijer & Fumiyo Ikeda
After the creation of Prinses Turandot (2011) / Prinses Turandot (2013) and the French and Dutch version of Fidelio (2015-2016), Judith Vindevogel was this time inspired by an ancestral Japanese tale that breaks the genre clichés with mischief.

The story
Eternal Mountain is a famous wrestler, whose greatest assets are bulging muscles and a fat neck. But Malala, Razanna and the old Anna show him that real strength is not only a question of muscles and physical strength.

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