chorégraphie et mise-en-scène
Lali Ayguadé et Guilhem Chatir
soprano et musique
Astrid Stockman
dramaturgie et concept
Aïda Gabriëls
Davy Deschepper et Aïda Gabriëls
Lali Ayguadé Company
Pyrénart et ICI-CCN de Montpellier / Occitanie – projet Life Long Burning supported by European Commissionsoutenu par ommission européenne
en collaboration avec
Temporada Alta, Théâtres de Zaragosse et Circa Barcelona
avec le soutien de
WALPURGIS, La Place de la danse – CDCN de Toulouse-Occitanie et Generalitat de Catalunya – Departament de Cultura
Tristán Pérez-Martín
Here. That is where we are at. But are we aware of what was before? Do we really know where we come from? We arrive in the now. A world which has been existing before anyone around us was there. A universe saturated with rules, norms, values, prejudices, cultural defined characteristics, language, hierarchy and so much more. Products from human development, structuring our everyday life. Our existence is –
despite our materialistic nature – based on invisible things and thereby demands suspicion of disbelief. Rules are not to be touched by the hands, power itself is not visible for the eye, language carries meaning.

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