The body is like an instrument;
it depends whos playing it.

F.M. Alexander
The Alexander Technique enables us to learn how to induce a better use of ourselves in our every day life as well as in more specialized activities. In so doing, it helps us become increasingly aware of the patterns underlying our reactions and our movements.
As time moves on, it will allow us to learn how to start an actitity or meet a situation in a state of greater receptivity, which in turn will allow us to more easily welcome the changes which are necessary to our improvement and well-being.
Guided by the hands of the teacher, we learn how to be more efficient whilst making less effort, how to beter coordinate and balance the whole body and how to discover more appropriate reac- tions to situations we encounter.


AEFMAT - association of Alexander Technique teachers Belgium

NeVLAT- association of Alexander Technique teachers The Netherlands

guide to the Alexander Technique

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