Alexander Technique within the performing arts

Serious neck and back complaints, Repetitive Strain Injury… performing artists, stage technicians, production managers, culture managers and other performing arts employees suffer from them too. How do you solve this sort of talent-sapping problem? And what can an individual himself do to prevent physical and psychological stress in a sector that is under increasing pressure and makes ever greater demands?

Our AT Workshops are a response to the increasing need for solutions to these problems in this sector. We have been organising them in association with since 2010.

What is it all about? Thinking and moving are inseparably linked. Every thought is translated into muscle tension. Routine increases the efficiency and speed with which we think and act, but it is often also the greatest obstacle when one wants to do things ‘differently’. As Einstein said: ‘We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking as we used when we created them’.

AT is a technique that expands competence and:
- provides an insight into how the overloading of certain muscles can put the whole system of movement off balance.
- supplies tools that enable people to break away from habitual patterns that have become inefficient.

In theatre terms, AT links up well with such techniques as Jacques Lecoq’s masque neutre and Peter Brook’s Empty Space.

© Judith Vindevogel

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