We create, stimulate and present contemporary music theatre that surprises, sparks the imagination, moves and puts one in a pensive mood. We explore the musical power of theatre and the theatrical power of music. Our repertoire is surprisingly varied, and the language we are developing has many layers.


Driven by a great curiosity regarding the unknown, and thus constantly ‘learning and discovering’, on the one hand we build bridges between various artistic and non-artistic worlds and practices, and on the other between different generations and audience groups. We also extend this beyond the national boundaries.


Our integrated operations are a reflection of the society we dream of: generous, sustainable, in constant motion and not afraid of contrasts and extremes.


WALPURGIS was founded in 1987 and since 1993 has received operational subsidies from the Flemish Authorities.


Read more about the wonderful world of WALPURGIS and the people we work with in our wOwW magazine!

WALPURGIS pictures

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