Die Fliege fliegt und stürzt verrückt

Steffie Van Cauter in residence in deFENIKS

Everything lives, sings, groans and trembles. The buildings, the trees, the bodyless legs,… A bird vomits up a mountain. A wheel carries a butterfly on its back and guides it safely through the terrain of black, bottomless wells: an act of heroism in these harsh times …..
Desire, joy and loneliness according to the laws of physics.

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concept, film & performanceSteffie Van Cauter
direction artistiqueCraig Weston
mechanical engineeringIan Gijselinck
costumesAnn Maes
soundNoël Van Kelst
lightsHenk Vandecaveye
photographerBoris Ljugov
productionTarTarT vzw
coproductionWALPURGIS, nOna, Nieuwpoorttheater+Victoria

concept, film & performance

Steffie Van Cauter

direction artistique

Craig Weston

mechanical engineering

Ian Gijselinck


Ann Maes


Noël Van Kelst


Henk Vandecaveye


Boris Ljugov


TarTarT vzw


WALPURGIS, nOna, Nieuwpoorttheater+Victoria