Mirthe Dokter

Mirthe Dokter (1992) graduated in 2014 from the music theatre course at the ArtEZ Conservatoire in Arnhem and did
a minor in Fin Art at the Art Academy ArtEZ there. She is a transdisciplinary maker and performer focusing on singing, theatre and visual arts. She develops projects in which disciplines merge, participation has a place and themes such as ecology, introversion storytelling emerge.


She works with institutions such as Museum Arnhem, KWATTA, Muziektheater de Plaats, Feikes Huis, Werkplaats Diepenheim, Common Ground Common Sense and the Netherlands Chamber Choir, Vocal Ensemble SWARA Brussels, Atelier Graphoui Brussels, University of Wageningen.


Mirthe has developed several visual music theatre productions. These include “IK WOU” with texts by Toon Tellegen in 2015 and “Kijk, ik zoek!” (6+), a live painted giant picture book set to music about a stranger, in 2016 as young creator of the International Pop Arts Festival/Feikes house. “De Balts” (8+), a waltz but for animals, i.c.w. theatre maker Tim Hammer, Kameroperahuis and biologists from the University of Groningen. “LEATHERBACK”, a solo performance in animation and song based on a journey through Ghana. With this, Mirthe won the Jongemakers Prize of festival Puppet International Meppel in 2018 and the Ruth van der Steenhoven Prize in 2019. Her performance “STRIJD” with Tim Hammer and in co-production with Feikes Huis, KASKO and D:DNA on territorial behaviour in humans and animals is currently running at festivals.


Her performances have been seen at Oerol, Zwarte Cross, Noorderzon, H80, the Grachtenfestival, Over het IJ, Boze Wolf, the International Pop Arts Festival, Recyclart Brussels, Boze Wolf Belgium and in theatres such as Bellevue Amsterdam, Plein Theater Amsterdam, Lux Nijmegen, Theater aan de Rijn Arnhem, De Lievekamp Oss, Concordia Enschede, GC De Kroon and others.