Toon Callier

Toon Callier (b 1983) is a guitarist and co-founder and musician with Zwerm. In 2011, he created his debut CD “The World’s Longest Melody” with compositions by American composer Larry Polansky. This album with both solo work and compositions for ensemble (performed by Zwerm, percussionist Jeroen Stevens, harpist Jutta Troch, electronic musician Stefan Prins and saxophone quartet SIC, among others) was released by New World Records (2011) and was described by The Wire as an “obvious contender for album of the year”. Afterwards, Zwerm released albums “Underwater Princess Waltz” (New World Records, 2013), “Badminton In Tehran” (Time Goes By, 2018) and “Great Expectations” (Time Goes By, 2021).


Together with Zwerm, he has already collaborated with musicians, producers and composers such as Fred Frith, Rudy Trouvé, Larry Pawlowski, Karen Willems, Stephen O’Mailley, Mauro Pawlowski, Christopher Trapani, Joanna Bailie, Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Serge Verstockt, Stefan Prins, Francois Sarhan… As a performing guitarist, he has worked on a regular basis with ensembles and orchestras such as Nadar, Brussels Philharmonic, De Munt and the British Plus Minus Ensemble.


Toon is also active in theatre as a musician, composer and creator. He toured as a musician with LOD’s shows “Snow” (2015), “Paradis” (2015), “Moby Dick” (2018) and “The Butcher” (2021). He also collaborated on the music for the performances “Human Zoo” by Bad Van Marie (2022), “Echo” by Post Uit Hessdalen (2018), “Lalaei” by Zwerm & WALPURGIS (2022) and “Feu” by dance company Ecce (2017). In 2023, the new dance performance “Fabula” by Ecce & Zwerm will premiere ism Theater Bremen.


From 2018 tem 2022, Toon worked as concert programmer at MIRY Concertzaal in Ghent. Since October 2022, he has been house artist at musical theatre WALPURGIS in Antwerp.