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WALPURGIS a sustainable hero
In 2019, the city of Mortsel also put its Sustainable Heroes in the spotlight and we were one of them! Curious about which sustainable development goals we are pursuing? Then take a look at this video!

‘If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together.’

2020: LED panels
All fluorescent lighting in the foyer and all PL and fluorescent lamps in the hallway were replaced by LED lighting.

2019: Ecological salt water battery
Storage of our generated solar energy in a GREENROCK salt water cradle to cradle battery. The safest and most environmentally friendly energy storage in the world.

2017: Sustainable electricity from your own roof
46 photovoltaic solar panels were installed on the roof of our workshop, deFENIKS. We did not buy the solar installation ourselves, but rent it from ZuidtrAnt cvba-so, a citizen cooperative that invests in sustainable energy. The generated electricity not only significantly reduces our energy bill, but also means an annual CO2 reduction of no less than 5 tons.

2014-2017: Bees in the garden
WALPURGIS not only stimulates cross-pollination within the arts, but also in nature. House scenographer Stef Depover and artistic director Judith Vindevogel shared their concern for two bee colonies in the garden of deFENIKS for three summers. With the proceeds from the sale of honey, we supported the projects of experimental music theater makers and we made opera and music theater accessible to people in poverty. After the winter death in February 2017, beekeeping was temporarily discontinued.
Listening tip: Children’s song Die Bienen (Max Reger) sung by Judith and accompanied at the piano by Levente Kende (Buy the CD)

2014: Green Track
Green Track wants to make the Antwerp arts sector more sustainable and ecological. That is why a number of industry players have signed the Green Track charter to work together and exchange knowledge with each other. WALPURGIS has been a member of Green Track Antwerp since 2014.

2012: Recht-Op
Since 2012, we have been working regularly with Recht-Op, the Association where the poor speak. That’s how we got to know Paul and Luc, who have been enthusiastic followers of WALPURGIS ever since.